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The Glam

Meet The Founder

Eniya Garcia


The Glam has started off as an online course and education system that provides a series of online hair, skin, and nails workshops in exploration of the beauty industry, and world of cosmetology. The Glam Page's mission is to educate and enlighten on the professional and proper ways to conduct cosmetology from your technology at the comfort of your choice. To practice on yourself!
The Glam by Eniya Garcia is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world. Having launched one year ago. The Glam Page was put on the beauty map, by Eniya's Healthy Hair Course, consisting of video tutorials, Ebooks and tests providing information on haircuts, styles and ways to get healthy hair. The Glam Page never-before-seen concept disrupted the market and changed the technique of the beauty industry forever. Eniya has since gone on to expand the collection into a full range of products, including makeup brushes, makeup organizers, hair accessories, and more, as well as becoming one of the most renowned and coveted brands of 2021

Eniya has worked hard to create a line of products that she feels captures The Glam Page aesthetic. She is currently working to release some exciting new things in the near future. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our latest announcements and releases- We promise, you won’t want to miss it!