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What is a healthy relationship?

 Have you ever wondered about a healthy relationship? Have you found yourself looking at articles, videos, and so much more while trying to find out what makes a relationship healthy?

We have all read a book or two about relationships, an article, or even just talked to a friend about ways to improve our relationship in a healthier way.


Somehow, we are still left with the question. Whether romantic or not, a healthy relationship needs to have a foundation that can deliver nourishment into our lives.

 A healthy relationship is a type of relationship that does not involve stress, sadness, emotional roller coasters, doubts, and overall, the feeling of not being “GOOD ENOUGH.” That feeling of not being good enough can be toxic.

 It can lead to negative thoughts about who we are and trust me; a healthy relationship will not promote that thinking; instead, it would encourage healthy boundaries between you and your lover.


 A set of tools are used when establishing a healthy relationship.

  1. Growth – when growth is established, we see the future evolving in our present; sooner than later, we see communication, trust, and security.


  1. Empathy- when empathy is established, we feel, recognizing how to feel; this is especially important because not only do we feel for others, but we also take our feelings and emotions into consideration when looking for a healthier relationship.


  1. Love- the essence of it all to have a healthy relationship, love is needed. What is love, some may ask? Well, love is when you know what you deserve when you love unconditionally.


Love does not feel forced; instead, it feels natural. When this happens, you start to care and listen to your partner, and you notice that love gives you what you put out in the universe.

All these promote nothing but rich vitamins in a relationship. It is always healthy to walk into a relationship knowing your worth and value, knowing that respect leads to trust and trust leads to a healthy relationship.

Communicate with your partner, grow together, and create a safe space where you will be free to express your desires, fears, likes, and dislikes and I guarantee you that your love will start to grow into a healthy foundation.



 Xo, Michelle Ramirez

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