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Seven Secrets Signs that Your Lover is Passionate About You.


We all want to know how passionate our lover is about us; let us be honest, we all feel weird about asking.

Often, we want them to show it to us. But how do we find out if our lover is genuinely passionate about us? I will tell you the seven secret signs that will allow you to know the answer to this question.


Get ready, babes, take notes.


  1. He cares about the way that you look; this is an important one every man wants to see their queen dressed to impressed smelling good, and ready to conquer the world, if he complements you trust me, he cares about you, and trust me, he is passionate about his woman.
  2. He protects what is his; we have all been here when we get dressed to go to work and school. Even maybe when you decide to go shopping, and you see him peeking through the bedroom door watching you get ready, this is when you continue to get prepared, and he stares and comes over and grabs you by the waist and says you are going out like that wow. Stay home with me. Suddenly he starts to kiss you passionately, and we all know that he wants to keep you home a little longer because you look like a queen ready to conquer, in other words, "a sexy boss babe."
  3. He cares about your well-being, being a new mom, getting a new job, stressing family situations. We can all agree that it feels heavy and stressful, but when he cares about you, feel how passionate he is about you, he will want you to be okay with everything that is going on around you. He finds ways of helping you, even if it just involves listening.


  1. He cares about the details, what details you are asking. Flowers without a special occasion, a date after dating for 5 years, or being married after 20 years. He cares about preparing your morning coffee when you are running late. In other words, he cares about making a statement when you need it the most, a comfort offering to the love that holds you together.


  1. He caresses your body, whether you have scars, stretch marks, cramps, etc. He values your beautiful body. Instead of shaming you, he elevates you like the true queen that you are.


  1. He is not afraid to get intimate with you in every aspect, whether sexually, spiritually, or emotionally.


  1. Finally, he respects you; a true man passionate for his queen will always put her first. He will protect you, love you and defend you against everything and anyone because at the end of the day, if you are passionate about him, he will be passionate about you, babes.


 Xo, Michelle Ramirez

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