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How to Make a Shower Curtain Canvas

How To DIY Shower Curtain Wall Art…

Today I posted about my giant shower curtain wall art! And LET ME TELL YOU, I am in love…both with the way it turned out, and the cost. So get ready, because all you need to make this wall art is some wood and a shower curtain and a couple other basic tools you can find around your house.

Have you ever been to a home decor store and seen a really large art piece that was not in your budget? I know I have, I was also having trouble finding art that I liked in this large of a scale. My only solution was to search the internet for large cloth and shower curtains are definitely large enough. My art ended up being 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide, just what I wanted For my space. When I came across this specific shower curtain I knew it would accent my bathroom perfectly, and it didn’t cost me $1500.00.

You will need a few things for this project:

  • 4x 8 ft Furring Strips
  • 1 Shower curtain
  • 1 Staple gun
  • 1 Steamer

Let’s get right to it!
4, 8 ft furring strips, your local hardware store should be able to cut them for you. Unfortunately the machine was down at my store so I cut them myself. First I cut all four into five foot pieces. Then the leftover pieces I used for support braces inside the frame, I cut those at 45 degree angles.

also used a staple gun to attach all the pieces. Forming a square for the frame and then the extra pieces at angles inside each corner for support.

The shower curtain I used was perfect for my room design, but you can do this with any cloth or fabric shower curtain. Once I unpacked my shower curtain and held it up to the frame I quickly noticed is was a bit see thru so I found an old full size white sheet I had around the house and stapled that to the frame first. I guess it depends on what shower curtain you order, you may be able to skip that step. It was a quick and easy solution for me so that’s what I did.

I loved the way the shower curtain looked once I steamed all the wrinkles out. That was a very important step to make it look nice. make sure to steam out all the wrinkles before you staple the shower curtain to the frame. This is the steamer I used, I use it all around my house and it works really well.

If you enjoyed this DIY please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I really enjoyed making this and now I want to make more.
Happy decorating Glammies,

With Love, Eniya

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