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How to Embrace The Art of Doing Nothing

We have all been there before, where we feel guilty for literally doing nothing. I promise this is something that we all go through; we always want a plan, a to-do list, a project, and sometimes we have to remember that we need to slow down. The question is, how do we do this?


How do we balance our downtime without feeling guilty? Well, allow me to tell you something. Stop feeling guilty; we all deserve downtime, especially if we live a life filled with a schedule and a heavy agenda.


You can use some tips to make yourself feel better when feeling guilty for not doing anything.


  1. Create a to-do list that is ideal for a downtime day; having this technique presented to you lets you understand that there is still a sense of importance when enjoying a day off.
  2. Make sure that your list has a couple of self-care tasks; when you write these self-care tasks, you dive into a mindset still benign productive with yourself.
  3. Do not forget to move your body, find time for your body to connect with something more than the stressful routine of life, try hot yoga, a gym routine, go on a walk, trust me, this will stimulate more natural energy in your body, plus you will sleep better.
  4. Get comfortable if you work in the office, outdoors, constantly wearing work clothes. Trust me, looking professional is essential when going to work, but you are allowed to throw on a cute, comfortable outfit when you are home.              
  • Get your favorite hoodie.
  • Get your slides or slippers.
  • Your legging or favorite sweatpants Get your comfort one like the true queen you are; why feel guilty when you make boss moves around you. We all need to slow down before picking up the steed to win the race.

These are just some tips that can help you feel comfortable when doing the art of doing nothing. You are brave, beautiful, and strong, and remember that living a life with purpose requires meditation, patience, and strength; become the warrior you want to become enjoy the art of doing nothing when it's presented to you. Afterward, get ready, queen! You will take over the world, energized and full of straight.


Xo, Michelle Ramirez

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