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How To Deal With Jealous Women Around You

This topic is complicated, especially when you love other women around you and want them to succeed. This is sad because as a woman myself, I have had to let go of relationships that have hurt me in the past, unhealthy friendships that, instead of wanting my growth and glow, wanted my downfall.

This is unhealthy in many different ways, out of know when you start to see them become jealous and negative, and sadly sometimes you see them act completely normal in front of you.

It is essential always to remember that if a woman is jealous of you, it's not your fault you keep hustling and getting your wins because you are doing everything right. Your hard work will pay off, and remember that it is not something you did to that jealous woman; instead, it was her who became threaten by your desire to become the best version you could ever be.


Creating boundaries among these types of ladies is vital to keep your calm and mindset ready to conquer. Always remember that they need self-healing, and they would only obtain that.


 Don't try to fix the relationship; time will heal when it's necessary. Talk to your friends and explore the topic; let the door open for new friendships that will help you blossom into the beautiful queen you are.


Xo, Michelle Ramirez

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