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5 Mistakes That Are Throwing Off Your Natural Makeup Look

One of the most popular makeup looks right now is the “natural look.” It’s all about lightweight, minimal makeup to create a super healthy natural glow. While it sounds easy in theory, sometimes getting this look just right can be more difficult in practice. If you’ve been going for the natural makeup look but something just isn’t going right, here are the top 5 mistakes that could be throwing off your natural look.

Mistake #1: Not Prepping Your Skin

You’ve got to have a smooth, blank canvas on which to apply your minimal makeup, so if your skincare routine isn’t on point, then your natural look will never look just right. An integral part of your skincare routine should be a 1-2x weekly exfoliating treatment. Depending on your skin type and condition you may want to opt for a chemical exfoliator like a product with AHAs that can gently and efficiently exfoliate skin to reveal fresh, radiant skin underneath. Alternatively, you could also use a physical exfoliator like a clay-based face mask or a mask with activated charcoal to exfoliate skin while also drawing impourites, dirt and debris from within the pores. 

Either way, try to incorporate exfoliation into your weekly routine to keep your skin fresh and smooth and ready for your natural makeup application. 

Mistake #2: Going Too Heavy On Powder Products

It might seem like the most natural idea to cover up any oiliness or greasiness with some extra matte makeup, but unfortunately matte and powder products end up drying out your makeup, settling in fine lines and adding an unwanted layered look to your natural makeup. A quick dusting onto the areas that really need it, like T-zone is all you want to apply in order to avoid aging in your appearance and throwing off the natural look.

Mistake #3: Going All In On Your Eye Makeup 

I know, I know, it’s a fine line between a nighttime eye look and the natural one you’re after. It is so easy to go too heavy on the eyes and before you know it you’ve got a full glam look on your hands. Stick with a coat or two of mascara, skip the eyeliner and add a quick dash of highlighter onto the inner corners of the eyes. You’ll still achieve a bit of emphasis on the eyes without going overboard.  

Mistake #4: Skipping Blush

One of the most important aspects of the natural look is a bit of a rosy cheek! Since we’re avoiding too many powder products, opt for a cream blush to bring out a natural rosy hue and add some extra dimension to your cheeks.

Mistake #5: Forgetting The Brows

For the natural makeup look you want to find a balance between a full-brow and a natural look. Skip the eyebrow pencil and reach for a brow-gel to fill in gaps and add a touch of color if you like your brows a little darker, going super light on product use. If you have pretty full eyebrows, instead of accidentally going overboard with gel, you can skip the product altogether and just give them a quick brush to highlight the natural look.

The natural makeup look is definitely here to stay, and you can achieve your best look by avoiding these 5 natural makeup mistakes!

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