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5 Common Hair Loss Causes


 Let’s be real we all fear the moment we may find our hair thinning. We all want to be like the Garnier commercials with the full on Hollywood hair. Hence why women all over the world are now wearing wigs weaves and hair extensions in all different forms.


 Hair loss is an issue that we have to look dead in the eye, approximately 40% of women experience excessive hair shedding when styling their hair. There are so many common hairstyling habits that can contribute to hair loss. Here we are giving you the top 5.

Here are five of the most common  hairstyling habits that cause hair thinning

Over Heat-Styling

Let’s keep it real too much heat styling is not a friend of healthy hair, especially if your hair is thinning. When you apply extreme heat to your mane, it will weaken the hair shaft, and that increases the chances of damage and hair loss

And absolutely DO NOT straighten or curl wet hair the water literally fries your hair, and it can take numerous treatments to restore your hair to its normal elasticity.

What you should do instead: Before you turn on your hairdryer, always apply a heat-protective spray. Think of it as sunscreen for your hair, protecting your hair from damage and enabling your hair to retain its natural oils.


I love the Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment because it works as a detangling Spray , Protects Hair Color From Fading ,works as a Heat Protectant and is completely Vegan. Isn’t she lovely ?


I’ve been looking for a product that just does everything like this all my life and because it has so many uses it is ensured that your hair is protected each and everyday without ever having to change your routine!


We also love the   Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray because it Decreases blow-dry time by 50 percent while providing Intense thermal protection.

Let’s not stop there this product works to Detangle, smooth, and soften the hair cuticle ultimately Eliminating frizz.


Snatching Your Hair Too Tight

As much as we love that sexy snatched ponytail look (or braids), it's so harmful for the hair, do it regularly and you could fall victim to hair loss around the hairline and even at the crown of your head.

What you should do instead: Wearing a tight ponytail every once in a while, won’t cause your hair to fall out. However, the repetitive stress or tension on the hair follicle will compromise its ability to produce and sustain healthy hair strands. So, when you tie up your hair, try to go for a loose style like a soft braid or a low bun daily, or something that doesn’t cause too much tension. Using one of our silk scrunchies this is the best way to limit damage, or more recently, we’ve been addicted to claw clips.

Similarly, despite the name “protective style,” many braided styles can cause breakage at the root. If you’ve been slaying braids for a while and want to opt for a style that causes less tension, check out knotless braids.


Sleeping with Your Hair in a Ponytail

Sleeping with your hair in a ponytail or tied in an elastic band is another BIG mistake. This type of habit can cause alopecia triggered by constant tugging and pulling when your hair is tied too tight. This constant strain causes your hair follicles to become inflamed, damaging them so that they’re unable to complete their growth cycle. As well as pulling your hair, friction between your hair tie and the pillow can also cause your hair particles to weaken and split ends to emerge mid-length, resulting in even more damage.

What you should do instead: If you have straight or wavy hair, either leave your hair loose or wear a loose bun or braid using a silk scrunchie.

However, the best thing to do, especially if you have curly, coily or kinky hair, is to use a silk wrap or bonnet at night. This will not only keep your hairstyle frizz-free, but it’ll also prevent hair damage.


Wearing Heavy Extensions

 If you have thinning hair, you may think that getting involved with extensions for a fuller mane is a good idea, however, extensions – especially if they’re not fitted correctly – can lead to traction alopecia

. The extra pressure and weight of the hair can strain the scalp, inflaming the hair follicle, leading to breakage at the root and increasing hair loss. If you’re already experiencing hair loss due to your extensions, have the extensions removed and focus on letting your scalp and hair breath.

What to do instead: When it comes to extensions, you need to do your research. First, you need to find the right hair texture, weight, and color and learn how to fit them properly or have a professional do it.

In the meantime, opt out for a wig and if that doesn’t work go natural and get a trim with layers to add volume giving you a cute style while you allow your pretty head the rest it needs.

 Brushing your Hair Too Often

While most of us are taught that brushing our hair to keep it soft and tangle-free is a great healthy hair habit, brushing your hair too frequently can contribute to hair loss.

Excessive combing can strain your scalp, which can lead to breakage and hair thinning. In fact, after a 4-week study, researchers found that hair loss was reduced by brushing less frequently.

What you should do instead: The bottom line is you should only brush your hair when it’s needed and not just randomly. Try brushing your hair before you wash it when it’s still dry, as hair is most fragile when wet. After showering, use a wide-tooth comb, then leave it to air dry or style. It’s also imperative that you find the best hairbrush for your hair type.


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