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Why Is It Important to Love Your Scars


Do you have any scars? Do you love them? Whether you do or not, today we will talk about the importance of falling in love with our scars. Let's be honest often; we are presented on social media with the perfect skin, perfect face, and body. We see flawless pictures that can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable, and without noticing, we start to see ourselves in a different light. 

What would life be if we were all perfect? What would the meaning of life be when everything is absolutely the same? Most likely, we would all get tired of the same things.  

Exactly the thought of that is terrifying; what if I told you that you are beautiful just the way you are? 

Your scars do not define your beauty; however, your scars make you more beautiful than ever. You are unique and precious. Your stretch marks, your beauty marks, your scars, your battlefields scars make you perfect. 

Sometimes we focus on society's views on how a woman is supposed to look; without us knowing, we start to feel guilty and blame our harmless scars. Take, for example, our stretchmarks on our hips or our bumbum; they are simply beautiful, harmless, and unique. They identify a specific stage of life; they are our warrior stripes. Stretch marks on our breast the source of life, a perfect representation of evolution within our womanhood. 

We need to learn how to appreciate our scars and our body because deep down, they tell a story, they help us survey the battles of life. Why should we waste our energy on negative thoughts upon our bodies? It is important to stop worrying about what the world thinks about your weight, height, scars, skin, etc.


There is a story behind your scars, whether it is motherhood, puppetry, birthmark, surgery, wounds, or anything else; trust me, they are a part of you, and you are a part of them. You are beautiful, and your energy is vibrant and full of life. 

Your scars and my scars unite us into a world of imperfections; there is beauty within our scars and imperfections; love yourself, beautiful Queen. 


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