The Nervousness Behind the Medical Results –

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The Nervousness Behind the Medical Results

Have you ever had any testing done? Bloodwork, pregnancy, breast cancer?  

Just the thought of going to testing could be scary and intimidating, but what if we had the power to control the nervousness that comes with taking care of our health?  

How can we control the situation to find peace and comfort when our minds become tricked by anxiety? 

  1. Mediation can help with calming the nervous system.
  2. Prayers can bring comfort to the soul and the mind.
  3. Drinking herbal tea, anything that is calming can soothe stress and nerves.
  • Mint
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
    1. Try using an essential oil like lavender or mint to calm and relax you.
    2. Understand that as humans, we can’t control situations; however, we can become proficient with our results if peace and calm are maintained.
    3. Yoga / Exercise                                                                                                 
    4. Get a massage or even a warm bath.


    Peace and calm can bring calmness within your body; it is important to remember that you hold the power to heal the body, mind, and soul.  A test result is not the end of you.

    If anything is the beginning of your strength, stay strong, calm, and be brave. Speak into existence and good energy will guide you. 

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