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How To Do Perfect Eyebrows

Brows … WAIT WHAT?! This might not be on the top of your checklist for you glam girls , but trust me, brows are more essential than we give them credit for. Brows frame your face and essentially complete your makeup look.

I start each makeup application i’ve ever done with applying eyebrows first. Not only because it’s my favorite part of the process, but it creates the overall template and structure for rest of the face. It completely shapes and transforms your entire face shape thus making your job a lot easier

Have you ever seen that meme floating around online that says “eyebrows are 90% of your selfie”? This is facts people. So whether you are looking to get your brows right for everyday use or this is for a special event you are in the right place! I’m here to prepare you for the task.


If you don’t have a brow lady, find A GOOD ONE. This lady could make or break your whole life so don’t be skimpy on who you choose to go to. She will help you find your shape and perfect arch for your facial structure and what best suits you symmetrically.

Eyebrow Makeup Tips


Do not over pluck your brows. Seeing a brow specialist frequently will help you keep your brow game strong through thick and thin. Not only is it helpful but keeps you from over plucking. And let's face it, we’re all still healing from that “tadpole” shaped eyebrow phase … #guilty

Tip # 2 Understand your shape


Get the right shape eyebrows. The over arch look can give you an angry vibe. while Rounded eyebrows can make you look excited all the time. Opt in for more of a straight brow look to appear more natural, while staying true to your shape.

conceal eyebrows

Tip# 3 Fill in The imperfections

Once eye brows are all cleaned up you can enhance their look with a brow pencil. Get a deep chocolate brown pencil ( never do black because it looks unnatural)

and line right on top of the perimiter of your eyebrow shape then shade in the middle to deepen the look always stay clear of coloring in the front of your eye brow instead make a thin line at the base and take an eye brow brush and brush the pencil color upward to get a more faded look.

Tip #4 Clean it Up Real Nice

once eyebrows are all faded and colored apply a thin layer of concealer to base of brow then blend it out with a makeup brush this will give you a clean sharp brow look even if your coloring skills are not up to par


Now that we've gone over how to go about it. Here is where you make sure you, come prepared with Anastasia’s “Dip Brow” pomade. Its a water proof creamy textured pomade you apply using a small angled brush. It can be used in a range from those intense “ombre instagram makeup looking brows”, to soft powdered natural looking brows. Depending on your application and how much you use, it's your preference. Either way those babies aren’t going anywhere till you tell them to with a few swipes from a makeup wipe or remover. Pairing it with a clear brow gel on top gives you the ultimate polished look and one less thing to worry about

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