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How to break free from a stressful relationship


What makes a relationship stressful?



Past relationships 

And so much.


How do we find the formula for a happier, healthier relationship? This is often the question that we all ask ourselves, what can I do? How can I fix it?

Let us start by saying that fixing a relationship is a two-person job; YOU CAN'T DOING ON YOUR OWN, simply because a relationship is between two. We need to learn how to solve problems in a relationship as a team.


How does a team work together?

They practice, communicate, and apply the necessary strategies to win the game. In this case, the game is called LOVE. Being able to break free from the stressful side of a relationship is so much more than we think it is. It is also important to identify when your relationship needs a pause and a restart. How do you pause? You communicate; how do you play? Try using words of affirmation like trust, honesty, respect, and love.


  1. Go on a date, discover more about your partner; even if you have been together for 20 + years, there is always something new you can find about your lover. In life, everything is evolving around us, so are we, our interests change, our thoughts, emotions and so much more changes with time, trust me your lover will become interesting through time, and you will learn new things about them just how they will discover new things about you.


  1. Do not be afraid of having caliente time with your lover or going on a small or grand getaway with your lover. This can be hard when having kids, but mom and dad also need their alone time. Loving each other allows dopamine into our bodies. It will enable you to explore the passion in within the relationship, and what is a better way of leaving stress behind than having a sexy time with babe?


  1. Be each their best friend, this technique works wonders, I promise you. When discussing any argument or concerns, take yourself out of the equation as a lover and add yourself as a best friend during the conversation. I know this is hard, but trust me, critically thinking from a distinct perspective is vital in a relationship because not everyone shares the same thinking process.


  1. Explore new hobbies with each other: this will ignite a strong bond between you both. You are allowing your relationship to explore new adventures while being in a relationship, take risks love deeply and do not forget to do it with your teammate.
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