Four Actions to Find Your Inner Feminism Energy  –

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Four Actions to Find Your Inner Feminism Energy 

 There is such power that comes into our life when being a woman; besides the monthly pain, childbirth, and having a motherly instinct that automatically makes you fall deeply in love, there is an immense power that comes when being a powerful woman. How do we get that power that involves feminine magic? It's easy, trust me, you can obtain it in seconds, like everything it is hard but not impossible. These four Rules will embark you on the journey of finding that power that keeps calling you name. 



Action # 1:  Take care of yourself: this rule sometimes is taken for granted, we become busy with a full schedule, and we forget to take care of ourselves, but how do we prevent that from happenings. Easy. "Take care of yourself" Do a daily check-in with yourself. 

How do I feel?

What do I want?

What do I need right now?

What's good in my life?

What's bad in my life?

By asking yourself these questions, you find yourself in a safe space where your needs and wants are cared for.




Action #2: communicate your worries, a thought being able to express how you feel necessary, always make sure that you are not holding yourself back from letting your voice be heard if you don't like something say it; if you feel hurt, let it known, if someone disrespectful regains that respect back. Your voice is the key box for your feminine power; use it, Queen. 




Action #3 self-love, baby, is essential to love yourself to its deepest core; falling in love with yourself is important because it allows you to see what romance looks like when falling in love with yourself. Date yourself out on a date, buy yourself something cute, set milestones rewards for your accomplishment and trust me, once you fall in love with yourself, everything will change; you will see that feminine light shine brighter than the sun. 





Action # 4 take care of your body, mind, and soul; with this action, you will find more time for self-healing. Self-healing is required when searching for that beautiful feminine energy that we all possess.

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