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4 Reasons why you should not pressure man to give you a ring

We have all dreamed of the fairytale wedding, the beautiful white dress, and the unforgettable moments of marriage. We see our friends getting married, and we think to ourselves, when will it be my turn to get married. But when do we truly know that we want the ring? Who is to say that maybe we want to feel accepted by others by having a ring and being married? Although society has been evolving, we see a woman wanting to get married, and sometimes that feeling of wanting to get married can affect us? Sometimes we believe that everyone will accept us if we are serious in a relationship; men will respect us if we have a ring on our finger. Some of us are probably asking how is that even possible? How come I am not married yet? Does he love me? Well, my lovely, allow me to explain something that can only help you in the future.

1. The pressure that men feel of a woman wanting to get married is one of the things that lead to unhappy relationships, the reason being that if a man doesn't want to get married because of XYZ reasons. He will most likely propose to you to make you happy without knowing that he is not ready; he will decide to commit to a relationship that he is not prepared for.

2. Don't rush into a mistake- almost 50% of relationships in the United States will end up in a divorce. It is important to understand that you might be affecting yourself if you pressure a man into getting married. Get to know what you truly desire and want. Take the time to figure your partner out. Think outside of the box, bond on a deeper level with your lover. Talk communicates and understands each other.

3. Get to know him- this is supper essential get to know your partner, ask yourself the three magic questions, • Do I truly love him? • Does he value and respect me? • Do I see myself with him in the future when things get rough? There are different levels of knowing a person; getting to know their fears, past, secrets, desires, and so much more. These are all considerable roles in determining if you truly understand the person you want to marry. Why rush when time is unique in every relationship.

4. Maybe you are not ready to get married either; perhaps you want to feel secure and loved. Trust me when I say this, understand that if he genuinely loves you, he will do anything to make you happy, don't rush the experience. Maybe you want to check the married box. What if you are not ready either? What if you don't like the woman, you are around him but have settled into becoming that woman? Take your time and enjoy yourself now because unless you want to live unhappily, don't rush a man into giving you their last name; commit to yourself before committing to a man with a ring.

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