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The Nervousness Behind the Medical Results

The Nervousness Behind the Medical Results

Have you ever had any testing done? Bloodwork, pregnancy, breast cancer?  

Just the thought of going to testing could be scary and intimidating, but what if we had the power to control the nervousness that comes with taking care of our health?  

How can we control the situation to find peace and comfort when our minds become tricked by anxiety? 

  1. Mediation can help with calming the nervous system.
  2. Prayers can bring comfort to the soul and the...

How to Not Stress During the Holidays

How to Not Stress During the Holidays

December is here, which means that holidays are here, the fun time with the family, friends and overall, it means that the stress of the holidays is also here, it is easy to get caught up between the stressful days before Christmas. 

Here are five tips to allow yourself the Stress-Free energy within your life during the holidays.  

Prepare beforehand for the holidays: You allow yourself a stress-free holiday by preparing beforehand for the holidays. 


Use to-do lists,...

H2o For the Soul

H2o For the Soul

Water is the essence of life, one of the most powerful elements within nature itself. How can we have an element so beautiful and take it for granted?  

We replace it with endless cups of coffee, soda, and alcohol and then add one cup of water a day.  

Did you know that our body flushes water within us? Water has multiple benefits, some of which can lead to a healthy lifestyle.  


  1. Not only does water provide us with thermal energy, but it also dissolves minerals, chemicals, and...

Who Says That You Cannot Have It All?

Who Says That You Cannot Have It All?

Dear reader, 

Are you ready for the power that is soon to come?

Are you ready to receive everything you have ever wanted?

Let us tap into that ambition, goals, and purpose; ambition is good when the intention behind the motion is genuine, beautiful, and good. We want it all, but we often categorize ourselves in a specific box, with the thought of not doing everything we want in life.

We forget to live happily, and sometimes we...

The Power Behind the Neutral Color Palette

The Power Behind the Neutral Color Palette


Why are neutral colors essential to your closet?

Neutral colors are the key essential to everyone's closet, not to mention that they go with everything.

Using some of the neutral colors in your everyday lifestyle is an effective way of feeling free, less stressed, and more motivated to conquer.

What are some of the neutral colors?

  • White
  • Mocha
  • Tan
  • Camel
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Sand
  • Nude
  • Army
  • Grey
  • Olive

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